Life Poetry


Life Poetry


More heartfelt and powerful words have never been drafted as in ‘Life Poetry’, a complete collection of original poems. ‘Life Poetry’ transcends the disappointments, sadness and frustrations of life into beautiful journey of inspiration, empowerment and courage.

Feel the passion and pain of the author, as wounds, memories and victories are shared in words that leave a lasting impression and make a profound impact. Find peace, love and hope as ‘Life Poetry’ explores the meaning of life and purpose.

As the first of a three part series ‘Life Poetry’ is an introduction to poetry that supports and encourages positive and progressive life development through overcoming adversities. Relatable to people of all nationalities, gender and ages these poems will linger in your mind and captivate your heart.

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Follow the poetic journey of C.M. Krishack, as she invites her readers to share her life’s struggles and triumphs. The incredibly revealing transparency and openness of the author fosters a deep connection and forges a lasting bond from the first page till the last.

Laugh, cry and heal with a collection of poems that address anger, love, depression and spirituality through the spectacles of a poet. As defeats, victories and lessons are told, questions and emotions rise and fall.

Prepare to be carried away with this unforgettable series of poetry that explores life from all perspectives.




Like a seed, we are planted into Mother Earth.
Nurtured with love, we become a source of energy.
As we grow, our head begins to peek,
following the light to our destiny.
Our roots thicken and stand firm in the soil of our foundation.
Our leaves spread, as we begin to grow into ourselves.
As we reach the fullness of our growth,
we begin to see the dysfunctions of our surroundings,
and our leaves wither with fear and uncertainty.
But, through it all, we continue to stand in the firmness of our foundation,
And follow the light of the sun,
To our divine destiny.


Drifting on a sea of despondency
Drowning in the depths of tears
Plunging into a trench of hopelessness
Crashing to the bottom of a bottle
Waking to a new beginning
Climbing out of the darkness of despair
Stretching to the heavens with faith.


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